TobyRich SmartPlane Pro Outdoor 07

SmartPlane Pro

smartphone controlled stunt & racing plane

Copilot mode

Fly together with your friend and exchange controls anytime for maximum safety & fun

Interactive flight school

Become a better pilot by doing the interactive tutorial in the app

Awesome stunts

auto-perform stunts such as loopings or sharp turns and chose from different pre-set maneuvers

Replaceable battery

Never run out of power and exchange batteries within seconds

Extremely durable material

The ultra durable and resistent material protects your plane

Two smartphone control modes

Control the plane with intuitive hand gestures. Transform your mobile device into a gamepad by mounting the provided joystick.

Intuitive. Real. Straight-Forward.

Experience the most intuitive control we ever made. Flying our planes has never been easier. With simply one hand and the movement of your thumb you steer the SmartPlane Pro through the sky. With a flick you activate pre-set maneuvers and watch the plane perform them autonomously. Your eyes always follow only your plane. No distraction from controls. Real flight. Straight-forward.

Flying a plane has never been so simple & intuitive

TobyRich SmartPlane Pro Outdoor 07
TobyRich SmartPlane Pro Outdoor 07
TobyRich SmartPlane Pro Outdoor 07

Transform your smartphone­ into a gamepad

You have full freedom over your controls. Chose between intuitive tilt and joystick control. Within a few seconds you can transform your smartphone with the included joystick. The result: An ultra precise flight control with maximum control.

X-Spy Package Content

Stunts & Racing

Fly loopings, hover above the ground and race at maximum speed to the sky.


Auto-stabilization allows easy control in every situation. Pre-set your commands and the plane will execute manoeuvers autonomously such as a looping.

Gaming Joystick included

Transform your smartphone into a gamepad and use the joystick included.

Maximum Performance

Outdoor and indoor - with a flick of the wrist fly on slow Helicopter mode or on Airplane mode with maximum speed.

Maximum control and safety

SmartPlane Pro technology provides you with full freedom. Slow flight at walking speed or boost mode at maximum speed for the adrenaline junkie in you. This leaves the pilot in control to master every flight successfully. The ultra durable and resistent material will protect your plane and give you confidence to perform the flight maneuvers which thrills you.

Perform stunts & glide through the sky

SmartPlane Pro gives you the choice: Experience stunning flight maneuvers and fly at the limit or simply glide with your SmartPlane Pro between trees and houses enjoying the elegance of planes. No matter what you chose to do, SmartPlane Pro will be ready for the challenge.

Merge with the controls and experience intuitive flight

Becoming a pilot has never been so easy. SmartPlane Pro flight technology puts you in control and gives you instant success in flying. Intuitive gesture and tilt control let’s you master your plane with joy from the first moment on.

Tech Spec


Flight time:
12 min
34 g (0.075 lbs)
Charging time:
20 min
33 cm (13 in)
Li-Po 185 mAh
30 cm (11 13 16 in)
black, green
9 cm (3 9 16 in)
Durinum ®
Range up to:
150 m (500 feet)
Wireless Standard:
Bluetooth Smart
Looping, Hover Mode, Speed Boost, Helicopter Mode, Cobra, etc.


Two flight modi:
Joystick & tilt mode
Three levels of difficulty:
beginner, intermediate, expert
learn how to fly in the interactive flight school
Bluetooth Smart
Compatibility iOS:
iPhone 4s or newer, iPod touch 5th Gen or newer, iPad 3rd Gen or newer and iPad mini
Compatibility Android
Android devices with Bluetooth Smart and running Android 4.3 or newer


1x SmartPlane Pro

1x Joystick

1x Battery

1x USB battery charger

1x User manual

2x Spare propeller

1x Propeller changing tool