Fly anywhere

Fly where you are most comfortable whether it be indoors or outdoors. The choice is yours!

Easy to handle

Small has its advantage! Control with ease and fly like a pro using the remote control

Record videos

Go places you have never been to by recording amazing footage of what the X-spy sees!

Do awesome stunts

Use the guide to try out different flying manoeuvres and surprise your friends!

Fly in the night

No more restrictions to your flying times. Explore the night life with the awesome inbuilt LED’s

Take photographs

Go exploring and capture incredible aerial views. You can now reach new places you always wanted to!

The ultimate flying gadget. Super cool and maximum fun!

X-Spy Outdoor 6
X-Spy Outdoor 5
X-Spy Outdoor 4

Launch your spy mission from anywhere

X-spy Top View

An awesome gadget for all types of pilots