DURINUM® is a material for toy airplanes and drones. It was developed by TobyRich in Bremen, Germany. The material is used for wings and fuselages for maximum durability.

TobyRich Durinum 01

The material can resist even the hardest crashes due to its high capacity to absorb energy. DURINUM® is flexible and resilient.


At TobyRich we started to a big research for the best material on the market in order to fulfil our needs. We reviewed all kind of different materials such as EPP, EPS and EPO - but all of them were not suitable and durable enough. In collaboration with a laboratory and our factory we started to develop our own material in order to create a highly durable material. The result is a material called DURINUM® (based on the word DURABILITY).

TobyRich Durinum 01

DURINUM® is a registered trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office and also a registered trademark in the European Union.

A new way to fly

With DURINUM® you will feel and see the difference. The material will survive even the hardest crash. You will fly way more self confident and more secure. Do not be afraid of a crash. Your plane will not break. Not anymore.

Carbon Reinforcement

The elastic characteristic of DURINUM®  is complimented by the usage of carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The combination of both leads to a bend-proof material with excellent energy absorption during crashes.

TobyRich Carbon Inforcement