By developing novel gadgets and appcessories like the SmartPlane, the PowerUp 3.0 and VOCCA, TobyRich is highly specialized in the areas of Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) apps and electronics design.

Our ambitious team of developers are always looking out for new challenges. Do you have an idea in the field of Bluetooth Smart? A brilliant product idea that involves a smartphone or tablet but you need somebody who develops and implements the product for you? Are you looking for R&D assistance?

TobyRich offers you:

  • A standardized and modular portfolio of ultralight & small Bluetooth Smart chips.
  • Personalized development and implementation of your requirements in the field of Bluetooth Smart in our development centre in Bremen, Germany.
  • Hardware & software programming (app & on-chip programming).
  • Selection of components, production and quality control of the entire production process in Asia.
  • CAD & Rapid Prototyping with our CNC-mills and 3D-printers.

PowerUp 3.0

With this idea, our client Tailor Toys raised over $1.2 million on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. A unique flying gadget and the 6th most successful project in this category of all time, the PowerUp 3.0 flight module contains TobyRich’s Bluetooth Smart "SmartLink" technology.

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VOCCA is a simple Plug & Play, voice activated bulb adapter which requires no Wi-Fi, no setup and no installation. Ordinary Smart Bulbs are cool gadgets but they lack one very important thing which is a good user experience for everyday use.

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Carbon Flyer

The Carbon Flyer is the world's first all carbon fiber personal drone, controlled by Bluetooth, with an onboard video camera. Its highly durable construction surpasses every other remotely controlled plane, easily surviving the inevitable crashes.

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