Do you want to control your RC airplane, car, boat or similar devices with a smartphone? Do you want to use your electrical appliances with a smartphone or tablet? Here's the right solution: The TobyRich SmartLink system.

What is the SmartLink?

SmartLink is a system consisting of a small electronic circuit and companion smartphone software that allows energy-efficient wireless control of up to 3 electrical outputs, as well as temperature and motion-sensing. It communicates over Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth Smart), with a range of up to 60 meter, and can be controlled through smartphones (e.g. iPhone 5s, iPhone 6) or other devices (e.g. iPod, iPad) which support the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology. This system can be fitted to a variety of existing electrical installations, converting them to Bluetooth Smart compatible wireless devices, and freeing them from the tangles and expense of wired control connections.


The hardware is ideally suited to R/C airplanes and similar toys, although any device which can accept DC or PWM signals from 2.0 V to 4.2 V, and draws less than 800 mA current can be directly connected to the SmartLink+ PCB. Any device which draws large power (e.g. a bulb drawing 50 W) must be connected through an external relay to one of the outputs of the PCB.

From a conceptual perspective, the SmartLink+ system can replace any wired connection where small amounts of information is transmitted infrequently. Examples could be on/off switches for door bells, window actuator control, thermostats etc. Not only does the SmartLink+ system permit freedom from wires, it also leverages the capabilities of smartphones to build truly “smart” control solutions, for example:

  • lights that turn off when you leave home and turn back on when you return
  • window panes that automatically close at specific times of the day or when the temperature is too cold
  • door locks that sense impact / attempt to break in and alert the user