TobyRich SmartPlane Pro Outdoor 07

SmartPlane becomes Moskito

More sturdy. More elegant. More intuitive


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Christmas 2013 TobyRich launched the world’s first smartphone controlled plane, called SmartPlane. Three years later we are now launching a completely redesigned successor. We call it: Moskito! It is made of a much more sturdy material, smoother surface and improved design. We also came up with a complete new awesome app: controlling the plane has become even more intuitive and easier  then ever! In addition, we added a joystick which will transform your smartphone into a gamepad, for free!

At a glance

  • ultra-durable due to carbon-fiber parts
  • better look
  • new app design
  • easier app control incl. three level of difficulty: beginner, intermediate,
  • professional
  • incl. joystick for joystick control


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